Sunsets in Roses

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Roses breakwater

That it is the place where (surely) more photographers gather to capture the sunset is an excellent indicator. The apparent symmetry of the breakwaters form a perfect framework to capture the impossible colors and shapes of the clouds.

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Trinitat Castle

The terraces of the most faithful watchman of one of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World allow us to portray the orange, yellow and red tones that are drawn in the sky and, thanks to the extraordinary mirror effect, are reflected in the sea.

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walk of Roses

Enjoying a stroll along the seafront on foot, riding a bicycle or relaxing on one of its terraces while the sun goes down behind the lush palm trees and war cannons is a must for anyone who spends a few days in Roses.

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Port de Roses


The fishing boats and sailing boats in the marina are the wonderful backdrop that accentuate the charm of the sunset. In winter, we recommend coinciding the sunset with the return of the boats to the dock: a real spectacle.

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Dolmens or megalithic route

Surrounded by dolmens (among them, the Creu den Cobertella, the largest in Catalonia), menhirs and other prehistoric monuments. Enjoy the sunset as the first known inhabitants of Roses did, more than 5,000 years ago.

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Sportif Port of Santa Margarita

The mouth of Santa Margarita is the point where the Aiguamolls Natural Park begins to extend over the Empordà plain and where the opening of the bay can be appreciated. Behind it, you can see Roses from another perspective, with the imposing mountains, which make up its particular skyline

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Puig Rom

The Visigothic Castrum of Puig Rom is one of the most unique and at the same time little-known places in Roses. From its archaeological remains (S. VI-VIII AD) you can see how the last rays of light fall on the port and the bay of Roses and the plain of the Empordà. A privileged viewpoint.

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