Gastronomic seal of the Empordà

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The Gastronomia d’Origen seal accredits restaurants that use mostly local products in their cuisine, products from the Empordà.
The High and the Low, together. Proud to have a list of excellent products in the Empordà.

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Market kitchen

Market cuisine gives a positive weight to those menus with a strong presence of DO Empordà Wines, DOP Empordà Oils, Fish from the Empordà fish farms, and a wide range of other products from the area such as Arròs de Pals, IGP Poma de Girona, Onion from Figueres, Q brand meats, organic products, etc.


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Sea cuisine

Sea cuisine especially values those restaurants that cook fish from fish farms in the Empordà such as Roses or Palamós and which, in addition, are accompanied by other local products.


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G'O products

There is a list of kmO and quality products that are rated.

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G'O products

Empordà DO wines
Fish from the Empordanese market
Empordà oils (table and kitchen)
Empordà rice

Meat products
Dairy products and cheeses
Vegetables and Vegetables
Eggs from Empordà farms
Fruits and Apples from the Empordà

Local beers
High-grade drinks

Others (honey, nougat, caps, pâtés, etc…)
Product of the Girona Excellent label
ECO seal products

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